Verdugo Hills High School

Thank you for visiting our donation site for our library. Our goal is to continue to fill our library’s shelves with the best, newly-published books available. Keeping our library filled with current book selections will keep children interested in coming back more often, and even better, it will keep their interest in reading alive!

Your donation will provide our library with credit through Junior Library Guild, a service that reviews and chooses only the best new literature for children and young adults. They have been doing this for nearly 85 years and have an excellent track record of sending future award-winning books.

Even the smallest donation will help. Five dollars will allow us to buy one book from JLG’s warehouse. A donation of $171 or more will allow us to get one newly published book per month for the next year!

We thank you for any amount you are able to offer, and we promise to continue to encourage children to become avid readers with a current, diverse and well-populated book selection.

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Lisa Cheby
Verdugo Hills High School
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