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Membership Benefits

Membership in JLG is free and easy—and it gives you access to a wealth of member benefits. To qualify, simply order one or more JLG or SLJ Categories for your library.

The best selection of new-release children’s and young adult books

The JLG editorial team reviews more than 3,000 new titles each year, in manuscript or prepublication stages, submitted to us by the publishers. We choose only the best of the best. In fact, more than 95 percent of JLG selections go on to receive additional awards or starred or favorable reviews.

Great books all year long

For each category you order, you’ll receive one new-release hardcover book every month for one year, hot off the presses. You’ll have new materials every single month, all year long. Even at the end of the year when your budget money is spent, you’ll still have the best new books coming to your library.

Access to our exceptionally priced Backlist

The JLG backlist allows you to purchase previous JLG selections at members-only pricing, some as low as $5. There’s no easier way to complete your collection. And shipping is always free.

Fantastic savings on front list books

As a member, you can also buy other current JLG selections for the same member price. New-release hardcovers start at just $14.80 and new-release paperbacks are only $9.80 per book. All with free shipping.

Free Standard MARC records, standard and placeholder

We offer standard MARC records for download on our Web site at no charge. For those with additional requirements, fully customized MARC records are available for a modest charge. We also offer free placeholder MARC records. These are basic (skeleton) records you can load into your system to prevent duplicate orders.

Access to exclusive BookVerdict and JLG member content

From reviews to full-color posters and special discounts, you will receive new and unique members-only content and offers all year round.

Common Core Standards Correlations

Since our September 2012 book selections, our books are correlated to standards for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, U.S. National and Common Core.

Discounts on SLJ, LJ, and The Horn Book

As a member of JLG you will get special discount pricing on our sister company publications: School Library Journal, Library Journal, The Horn Book Magazine and The Horn Book Guide.

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